Fresh Starts and Resolutions

Adulting is happening, it’s about time and if you’re in the midst of change yourself but don’t know where to start and need the encouragement to continue. Then take a read and join me on my journey.


It’s cliché, immensely cliché.

New Year, New Me.

T’is the season for restarting EVERYTHING. How you dress, personal care, eating habits, organization. You might find yourself saying or even thinking to yourself, “This is the year I’m going to get my shit together, this is my year!”. Well, I’m one of those people this year. Usually, when I try and make a change I do it in the moment because I am a strong believer of change starting with you, and if you want to change you have to make it happen; just do it.

I decided, however, a few months back that I wanted to start blogging about all the changes I wanted to make to my life. I figured that everyone is in the middle of changes and personal growths and people might be of the same mind as me. Most people, however, decide to make these changes in the new year! So I decided to hold off and wait and join the masses and start fresh this year.

I have a whole list of dreams, and this year I want to start pushing those dreams to come true. I just finished my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Graduated June 2017), I have a new full-time job (Started October 2017), and I’m turning 22 this year. I’m ready for the adulting to commence in 2018.

If you are trying for change in the new year I find it always helps to write a list of all the things you want to accomplish and keep it somewhere where you’ll see it regularly. I have multiple lists of dreams, and routines I want to have, things I want to try and do. Here is my list of things I want to accomplish this new year.

  • Good Sleeping Schedule
  • Make own D.I.Y. Beauty Products + Have a solid beauty routine
  • Have an at-home workout routine (and stick to it)
  • Read 50 Books (new or old)
  • Start writing manuscripts
  • Finally cut and donate my hair
  • Go Zero Waste
  • Do an outdoor activity every day (not including walking the dog)
  • Organize my spaces and Electronics (i.e., not having so many lists)
  • Take more pictures
  • Budget and Save
  • Feel good and healthy and be confident; embody the boss ass bitch that I already am!

You might not have the exact same list as me, but that’s fine. These are the things that I will be posting about in future mostly. I’m starting off on this personal growth journey by myself mostly but I’m hoping to by the end of this year, I’ll have accomplished these things and maybe inspired others as well. Maybe I’ll even have people joining me on this quest for betterment and adulting.

Now let’s get started!

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