And It’s Time to Workout…

If you’re wanting to be more active, more energized in the morning, or you’re on the weight loss journey… SAME. Join me on the journey to be coming a more active, healthy and energized person.


I guess now that all the holiday craziness is over and I’ve finally had a day off to myself where I’ve slept in and actually got things done; It’s time I start looking into working out again. Nobody enjoys doing it at first but once I get into a good routine it’ll be fine.

Now let’s figure out a good routine! I use to go to the gym and do all the machines, and it was great, but right now that’s just not a realistic option for me, I’d rather do home workouts just because when I’m not at work I’m either with my lovely boyfriend or at a friends place or wanting to bag out at home. So trying to squeeze in gym time… not going to happen, mostly because I am an unorganized mess.

So to start off slow, plus to help with my morning energy problem, I’m going to start doing some yoga in the morning. It’ll be a great way to wake up and it’ll get me going properly so I’m not a lazy slob the rest of the day. So if I wake up and get my body going and take some deep cleansing breaths I should, in theory, be good to start my day but also working out and getting the heart pumping.

This is the yoga routine I found that I’m excited to do, I have done it sporadically before and I do find it helps, let’s see the change is made after a week of doing it.



I also found this Yoga routine, I’m thinking of combining them both to really make it a working out experience. Then I’ll have a cup of tea and feel really good about waking up and doing something physical and energizing instead of being a zombie.


Let’s hope this works out, I’m really going to try every morning to wake up early (look at my other post Beauty Sleep to read about changing my sleeping habits and stay tuned for updates). I’ll keep you updated on how the yoga is going and if it really makes a difference!

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