2018 Reading Challenge: A Mystery Novel

Mystery Novels are the most addictive things to get into, so here’s one more mystery to solve.


I’m a little behind on these posts, to be honest, I thought I already wrote this one… That just goes to show my mental state at this moment in my life. Well, when life gets crazy you just got to roll with it, and that’s what happens in this mystery novel: The Weight of Blood.

The novel is about Lucy Dane who one summer ends up trying to solve two mysteries that have rattled her small Ozark Mountain town. The death of her friend, Cheri who was found murdered after disappearing for a year. Then also, the mystery of her own mother’s disappearance, who vanished when Lucy was a child. Somehow these mysteries are intertwined and they take Lucy on a whirlwind journey to finding the truth. And like any other small town in America, deep secrets are uprooted and rattle Lucy’s world upon discovery.

I really enjoyed this book, I’ll get right to the point and recommend it to anyone. It was riveting and suspenseful in all the right places. Laura Hughes wrote a beautifully intricate storyline, without getting overly involved in the world she was creating. Concise and to the point is a university phrase that comes to mind, and sometimes that’s very refreshing in a novel that has the ability to be very in depth and dark with a very wild scenery. Yet, even the depth and provocativeness of the scenery and the characters were understood without going into overload. It was a mystery novel, worthy of comparison to Nancy Drew, but with more sex and violence.

There were a few things in the book if you choose to read it that really gave me pause for consideration. I felt there were some really symbolic points to be made, but because of the fluidity of the writing it was really hard to just come across them, I really had to stop and think about it. The best part was that I actually wanted to stop and think about these things, during and after reading. I’ll do my best to not include spoilers, but if you, my reader choose to read this novel then I’d rather give you some food for thought…

The biggest quandary was the title the “Weight of Blood”, ominous and full of ambiguity. At first, I thought it was more a pointed comment of death and the weight of blood can take its tole. A euphemism for death and the grieving process, and it’s weight on a young mind. Then as the novel progresses and certain truths are revealed, it started to take the appearance that the weight of blood really could be the weight of family. The willingness to share the load of those who share our blood, and that those who share our blood dump their baggage on us sometimes. Mostly I found that the weight of blood is too much for one person to carry, and carry that weight is maddening.

The other thing I really cared to comment on is the use of the weather and scenery as a commentary on the turmoils of the characters. It’s noteworthy to mention the constant remark of the unforgiving nature of the Ozarks. That as things come to light, the unforgiving nature of the Mountains slowly presses in on the characters. There’s also the use of light and shadow, how certain things come to light in the day and things are most scary and uncertain in the dark. The best one was the cleansing properties of water, how the water gave the characters a baptism of sorts in their misery.

If you decide to read the book, keep these things in mind, or share some new thoughts and Ideas. Comment below!

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