Cooking Chronicles: No Cook Lunches

Need some easy lunch ideas? try some of these recipes! Healthy, easy, affordable. Plus Delicious.


So life has been really crazy lately, so much that I haven’t even been able to read on the regular (for those who’ve read my 2018 reading challenge posts). Infact I’ve haven’t had time to even cook food, which leads to a lot of take out, which isn’t nice on the bank account. So I wanted to make sure to save some money, and actually have some healthy lunches this week, so I tried a couple recipes.

Monday: Caesar Pockets
Basically it’s a Caesar salad stuffed into a pita. It’s pretty easy and very hadny and delicious, I wouldn’t make it all the time but it’s definitly a nice change and very refreshing.

– 4 cups torn romain lettuce
– Turkey Breast Cut into Strips (I used processed but I think a real turkey breast would be so much better)
– Roasted red peper strips (I just used raw red pepper it added a nice crunch and taste)
– Parmesan Cheese (I know a lot of people like grated but I used grated slices… so their a little bigger and it made it easier to taste)
– Caesar Dressing
– 4 Pita Breads warmed, cut in half

– combine all ingredients except Pita
– Spoon into Pitas

Tuesday: Sack Lunch
I included this as part because I wanted to state the importance of snacks through out the day, it’s so much better to have a couple snacks then to have 3 big meals. It also helps with energy levels through out the day. Also it was my first day really making the effort to make a lunch and wanted to make sure that the lunch as a whole was good not just the sandwich.

I made sure to incorportate
1 fruit, 1 Vegetable, Nuts, and Protein & Grain
I also like to include 1 treat like yogurt or chips or something small

Wednesday: Cucumber Sandwich

Don’t knock the simplicity of the Cucumber sandwich! It’s delicious and is a great lunch especially for summer, on the go cucumber snadwiches are refreshing, healthy, and filling



– 2 Slices of Toasted Bread (I like using Rye or Sourdough; you also don’t have to worry about the toasting part that’s just a personal preference.)
– Spread Cream Cheese on bread add cucumbers

Thursday: Veggie-Stack Pita Pocket
This one was okay, wasn’t the best it was a good snack but not a meal. I’ll share the recipe for anyone who wants to give it a try and maybe tweak it to make it their own.

– Hummus (make your own or store bought)
– 1 Cucumber sliced or Bell pepper (I used cucumber)
– Pita Minis, lightly toasted (I used a large pita cut in half)

– Spoon scant tbsp hummus into pita add vegetables. Wrap in parchment paper for later or eat and enjoy.

Friday: Vegetable Tortilla Roll Ups
This was disgusting, I couldn’t even eat it. I tried and I hated it, I would not recommend this and to save you all the trouble I’ll not share the recipe. Needless to say that creamcheese, Mayo, Ranch Dressing, and Dill don’t make a very appetizing sauce in my opinion.

So my week of homemade lunches was for the most part a success, and I highly recommend to anyone that wants to save a little money but doesn’t want to cook a lunch everyday to try these recipes out and enjoy. I found they were really enjoyable for the most part and healthy which is hard to ensure in buying food everyday that it’s healthy and good for you. I felt full and enjoyed the energy that came with not eatting a lot of processed food. My bank account also really enjoyed not being touched as much and that there was still money left over to instead go on a couple date nights with my fiance.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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