Herbal Healing: The Beginning

Join me as I begin my Herbal Journey!

I have recently found the desire to grow my own herbs and want the satisfaction of growing things in my backyard and using them in the kitchen. Having that freshness in the kitchen is so satisfying in comparison to just buying stuff at the grocery store. So this is a new segment I’ve decided to write based on herbal exploration.

Why Herbs? I find I’m drawn to herbs for their many uses in the house. Culinary, Apothecary, and Spirituality. Herbs are a great natural alternative to many medicines, smell amazing and have natural properties for external and spiritual use. Plus they taste amazing in certain recipes.

I decided to start with some basic herbs that are commonplace and easy to use in the kitchen. Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Sage, Chives, and Rosemary.


There are a bunch of things you’ll need on hand if you want to start using the herbs in the kitchen or for making other topical things. Which is a one step at a time thing, and for now I’m planning on just using the stuff I have for the meantime and if needed I can acquire additional items.

There can also be a need for wanting to go foraging for certain herbs and other such healing or delicious or spiritual plant life. Foraging items mainly a bag plus scissors, shears, knives and a magnifying glass. I’m personally not ready for this either because I don’t know enough to romp through the woods and hope I find something useful. However, this could be a useful venture living in the country and having more knowledge.

I’m planning on obtaining a special notebook as well to record all my herbs and do drawings or even presses. That way I have a point of reference for each herb and I can write down any research or observations.

I’m told there are Herbalism courses that you can take online to further knowledge, for now, I’m going to just start with readings. I have gotten a book The Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs for preliminary research and additional understanding of the usefulness of Herbs in the home.


So at this point, I’m off to learn more about herbs and discover some great beauty recipes and uses in the kitchen. I’ll be posting anything to do with homemade remedies using herbs with this section and other Herbal knowledge.

Any Herbal knowledge that you guys have, feel free to share it in the comments below!

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