Bullet Journal: July 2018

Bullet Journals are fun! so why keep them looking boring, have fun with your bullet journal, I did 🙂

I’m really proud of my July Bullet Journal, I’ve started adding colour and such to my Journaling. Really embracing the artistic side of it, and it worked out really well! I’m definitely making a trip to the arts&crafts store to make my journaling even more colourful and fun!

Hope this inspires some of you with bullet journals to have fun and add some colours to you’re organization. My journal featured the weekly calendar, habit tracker, expense tracker, brain dump, monthly focus and goals, and monthly review. For me, July is all about fun citrus colours so that’s what I implemented in my journal.

I drew everything out in pencil, then traced it over with a black sharpie pen. I highly recommend the sharpie pen for fine lines and I like the tone of black. Before you erase the old pencil marks, make sure the sharpie dries a bit otherwise it does smudge. I then used a Papermate flair, fine tip marker. I didn’t really like these markers for colouring, I do enjoy them for writing, however. So I’ll be investing in other tools for drawing and coloring.

Have fun bullet journaling!

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