Cooking Chronicles: London Fog

Enjoy the taste hate paying the price, learn how to make it at home! Try this recipe and make you’re mornings happier and more delicious.

If you are a lover of “Second Cup” Coffee, then you’ve definitely tried a London Fog. If you’ve haven’t basically a London Fog is an earl grey tea latte that, in my opinion, is super delicious. I found this great recipe on Pinterest on how to make it without steaming the milk and make this lovely treat at home.


All you’ll need is:
Earl Grey Tea,
Boiling Water,
Vanilla Extract,
and Honey.

Steep early grey tea either in mug or pot,

Stir in other ingredients to taste,

Then serve (best with a snack).

Now the only thing is that the milk might not have that creaminess so be careful the kind of milk you use. I find actual cream is a bit better but I tend to stick to 1% just because it’s what I use for everything else. Also, the Vanilla can be a little strong so be careful how much you put in. I accidentally put too much in at once and it was very overpowering.

If you’re like me and trying to save money, then this is a great way to enjoy a great treat without spending too much money. I didn’t have to spend a dime because these were all things I have in my house anyways.

It was also a great morning wake up, on days I felt extra tired and not having it, this was a great and easy treat that lifted my mood completely (probably the caffeine, but let’s just say that it was because it was delicious).

Hope you guys enjoy!

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