2018/2019 Reading Challenge: A Biography

Biographies can be incredibly interesting, a way of learning about another life in a way that doesn’t even seem real; yet, it somehow they can be a way of connection.

I chose to read a memoir instead of a biography because I find them more of a direct connection to a persons thoughts and feelings and understandings in their life which is very interesting to me. So I read Townie by Andre Dubus III, his person memoirs about growing up in Boston and becoming a man in his own way.

Struggling with the concepts of strength and success Dubus goes through a journey of self understanding to determine what these two concepts mean for him. A really great read and very inspiring. Highly recommend it to anyone going through a phase of self discovery.

Or for anyone who feels connected to a small town or a neighbourhood this would be a good read as well. Dubus’ connection to his small town and his roots is a very strong motivation to him through our his journey.

Leave a comment below, share your thoughts !

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