2018/2019 Reading Challenge: A Book That Challenges your Viewpoint

Change your viewpoint, read something that challenges you and open up your mind.

This novel was hard to get through, I chose to read Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes. A philosophy book written during the English Civil War about overcoming anarchy and being a better society. However I couldn’t finish it, it was very complex and outdated and it made me think that in this day and age anarchy is necessary for change sometimes and that we can’t always be logical and robotic in our actions. Though the idea is not totally dream worthy, it would be nice if we could reason with everyone; however, reason is not always found and though we can label all forms of though and understand however our brains function passion and emotion cannot be regulated and that true change in any society won’t occur without people who are passionate and willing to give their all.

Leviathan is Hobbes’ name for powerful sovereign or government. Sometimes we have to work with the leviathan sometimes we need to question and change the leviathan. However we should never be scared or concede to the leviathan.

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