Beauty Banter: Clay Honey Face Wash

So for some time now I’ve been trying out different face washes for my skin. In fact my whole life I’ve been trying to find the right face wash for me. It’s been a long road of acne, dry skin, oiliness, large pores, just overall helplessness in regards to facial cleanliness and overall skin health.
This Beauty Banner excerpt needs to start at the beginning I think. So basically, I was struggling with acne my whole life, and I tried Spectro gel, proactive, Neutrogena, everything! This all started at puberty (~12 y/o), luckily when I was 16 I consulted a doctor and they recommended going on birth control that provided help for acne and it really helped my acne disappear! Unfortunately, I still had acne scarring and large pores and I still got acne around my period. So it became apparent that my acne wasn’t gone and solved, I just had a temporary solution.

(As You can see my cheek is super bumpy and my pores are huge this is back in 2014)

This temporary solution didn’t really phase me for most of my teens and early twenties. However, for the past couple of years, I’ve been more interested in becoming natural and finding zero waste solutions for beauty products and overall living. This leads me to research for a long time and try out many different solutions for a GOOD fash wash that was “natural” and possibly zero waste.
I tried store bought products that claimed to be natural and they dried out my skin, they still came in plastic bottles so they weren’t zero waste, overall I wasn’t thrilled with these options.
I tried a few recipes to make my own: Honey & Coconut Oil, Anti-Inflammatory (contained soapwort and essential oils), Oil based (grapeseed oil, avocado oil, castor oil, and tea tree oil). Finally, the moment came and I found the one that worked! Clay Honey Fash Wash. You see I loved the Honey component of the first one because Honey is anti-bacterial, and helps with hydration; the Oil based tea tree component has anti-inflammatory properties, reduce acne scars; the Clay component is Bentonite Clay which has an amazing ability, helps clean out pores, close pores, and reduce oiliness.

So all together I have a “Natural” product that I can pronounce all the ingredients, I have a zero waste component with my reusable containers for ingredients and for the product, and I have a great product that works.

Here is the Recipe:

  • 3/4 Jar of Honey
  • Rhassoul, Kaolin, French Green, or Bentonite Clay (I obviously used Bentonite Clay because I felt it would work the best for me, plus I already had some for face masks)
  • Lavender or Tea Tree Essential Oils (again, I obviously used the Tea Tree because I felt it worked best for me)

1-2 Tablespoons of Clay per 1/4 cup of Honey. Mix Essential oils (15 drops). Stir it all together. You can add The Lavender essential oil if you’d like for the scent, I personally love Tea Tree oil smell so I didn’t include it to keep it as pure as possible.

No filter, no make up this is how my skin looks after a couple of weeks with this product. I am so over the moon with it and my skin is smooth, healthy and my scarring is clearing slowly but surely. Everything good happens with patience I suppose.

Now full disclosure, I’m recommending this without recommending this, everyone has different skin needs and just because this worked for me, it might now work for you; however, if you have experienced similar skin troubles and you have combination skin, acne scarring, sensitive skin, large pores and clogged pores (i.e. blackheads and the like) then maybe you’d like to try this out? If you are on an all natural and/or zero waste journey like I am, maybe this will also be beneficial for you.

Feel free to comment you’re own experiences, thoughts, questions.

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” ―Khalil Gibran

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