Happiness Happenings: Walking

Fresh air soothes the soul, but not the soles of your feet. These are the reasons you should go for a walk everyday.

Beauty Banter: Clay Honey Face Wash

So for some time now I’ve been trying out different face washes for my skin. In fact my whole life I’ve been trying to find the right face wash for me. It’s been a long road of acne, dry skin, oiliness, large pores, just overall helplessness in regards to facial cleanliness and overall skin health. [...]

Happiness Happenings: Sanity & Self

The beginning. The start. Chapter 1. Every journey has a beginning and this is where I started, maybe it’s where you can start as well.

2018/2019 Reading Challenge: A Biography

Biographies can be incredibly interesting, a way of learning about another life in a way that doesn't even seem real; yet, it somehow they can be a way of connection. I chose to read a memoir instead of a biography because I find them more of a direct connection to a persons thoughts and feelings [...]